18th September 2017

The Executive Committee of the Southern Counties Cycling Union are sad to announce that the Good Friday Meeting will not be held in 2018.

Traditionally funded by spectator receipts, the Meeting has incurred considerable losses in recent years and despite concerted efforts to raise sponsorship and financial support no such funding is forthcoming, nor seen to be likely in the immediate future.

Since it was first held at London’s Herne Hill Velodrome in 1903, the meeting has enjoyed an illustrious history, with many World and Olympic Champions racing against National and local stars.
Once considered to be the pinnacle of the British track racing calendar, the meeting has suffered from the advent of 250m indoor velodromes with the vast open spaces of Herne Hill appearing to be irrelevant to the development of the British Cycling squads who in earlier times would have attended. Paradoxically there was never any problem with contracting foreign based stars to appear.

Ironically, the transformation of Herne Hill from a rundown dilapidated facility to a fresh new locally based community hub also created difficulties for the Meeting. The ongoing works rendered much of the site inaccessible to spectators and, with no end date in sight, the Meeting moved to the Lee Valley Velodrome.

Now that the Herne Hill renovation has been completed the committee considered returning to Herne Hill, but sadly, although it has a fine new club house, the venue is no longer suitable for holding meetings with more than a few hundred spectators. This, coupled with the ever present Easter weather uncertainties, means that such a return to South London is not an option.

The Southern Counties Cycling Union would like to thank the riders and spectators who have supported the Meeting over the years, both at Herne Hill and Lee Valley.

Graham Bristow
Organiser, The SCCU Good Friday Meeting
1984 to 1998 and 2001 to date